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Image du sentier Le Chablis

#1 – Le Chablis

This short trail, located at the back of the Centre, goes through a lovely open forest.

#2 – Le Forestier

Although this trail is shorter than the others, it's definitely worth the detour!

#3 – Le Ouaouaron

One of our most spectacular trails, this one is a must!

#4 – Le Cendré

This trail will surprise you with its variety of ecosystems and fairytale-like landscapes.

#5 – La Prucheraie

Walk on a beautiful trail going through an old hemlock forest. A rare sight to see.
Image du sentier L'Orignal

#6 – L’Orignal

Ideal for experienced hikers, this trail takes you to a charming swamp.
Image d'une pancarte qui marque le début du labyrinthe

The Amazing Maze (Bonus)

Test your knowledge of the natural world with our Amazing Maze!

Trail Map

Here's a map of our trails, all equipped with directional and educational signs along the way.

Carte des sentiers de la Forêt-la-Blanche

Terms and Conditions

The trails of the Forêt-la-Blanche Ecological Reserve are open for the enjoyment of the general public. However, please refrain from disturbing the physical environment and the plant and animal species present.

*Note that strollers are not recommended as our trails have a lot of stairs.

List of Bans